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„May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may my thoughts, words, and actions cont

A Powerful start in your Day

Breath and get started :-)

Sign up here and join us

Get out of bed, breath, connect with your heart and start your day with powerful thoughts!
We connect every Monday and Thursday at
6.20am CET for around 25 minutes.

I will guide you through some breathing and we make sure to start the day with consious and positive thinking. Let's set the tone for the day together!

I am so excited to be with you on our next morning breath!
Please check your spam folder as well for the link and save the mail in your inbox. 

„May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may my thoughts, words, and actions cont

"I am full of energy again"

"How can I feel better? That was always my question and I tried different things. With Lisa's work I found a great solution for me. The sessions made me feel full of energy again and I was able to tackle new projects with joy. So now I use the methods regularly as it helps me keep my energy up. Lisa is competent, patient and empathetic. I am glad that I got to know her!"
(Sinmei C.)

What some of my clients are saying...

"I am finally without depression"

"I have never experienced acupuncture massage before but am I glad I found Lisa. Through the sessions, Lisa has helped me tremendously with my depression, several specific ailments (balance issues, hip pain, pollen allergy) and my overall well-being in general. After each session I feel so much better - lighter, happier, more positive and ready to conquer another week ahead. " (Heather W.)

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"I feel more confidence and trust"

" Lisa is amazing. She helped me a lot with her positive attitude. She has reawakened more confidence in me! I came across Lisa's practice during a very stressful phase in my life and I am very grateful. Already after the first session I felt so much better: I could think more clearly again, felt more secure in my thoughts and decisions and therefore a lot of emotional stress fell away from me. I felt much lighter and more balanced. During a meridian massage session I could relax deeply and I felt very comfortable! I'm glad I found something that helps me regulate my stress and feel good." (Maria L.)

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