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acupunture massage Zug

I accompany you with love on your healing journey.
It is not only about physical symptoms, but rather about lifting you into an energetic state on both a physical and emotional level, from which you can fully enjoy and create your life.

Massage Zug



I am very happy that you are visiting my website. I will get your energy flowing again so that you will feel more balanced, relaxed and happy. Energy creates matter. So in order to change matter, we have to change energy. And this is exactly what I am doing with the APM and the energy work. With this incredibly relaxing and beneficial treatment you do something good for your body, your mind and your soul. I look forward to getting to know you.




The acupuncture massage according to Penzel (APM) can be described as an acupuncture method without needles. From an APM perspective, health problems and illnesses are caused by disturbances in our energy flow. Therefore, the APM aims to get your energy flowing evenly again and to release blockages.  Frequent interference fields can also be scars, the spine or organs. Thus, the treatment of these interference fields is part of an APM series as well.

Alternative medicine Zug

how can I support you?

Pain, headache, muscle tension, migraine, chronic pain
immune system, allergies
realease stress, relaxation, relaxing treatment, sleep quality, improved sleep

Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain conditions, migraine or muscular tension?

Do you easily get sick, suffer from allergies or do you want to strengthen your immune system?

Do you wish to sleep better and feel more balanced? Do you suffer from emotional stress?

functional disorders, complaints without diagnosis, heart problems, digestion, metabolism
pregnancy, after birth, preparation for birth, natural birth
wish to have a child

No doctor or medicine could really help you? In this case, it is a good idea to give APM a try!

Do you want to prepare for a complication-free birth or recover from one?

You wish to have a child but it doesn't work even though everything is ok?



Besides APM, I use energy work, meaning I work with a tensor and with your subconscious mind. I also use this method also for energetic findings. In addition, this allows me to release energetic blockages, drain negative energies and restore positive energy. During our lives we make many experiences and often emotions arise that we do not give enough space to or that we repress. Also, we may have inherited certain emotions or adopted them from other people. All these emotions can become trapped in our body and cause discomfort and illness. I uncover these trapped emotions and release them.  

energy healing
energy healing Zug


At the first appointment my main priority is to listen to you so that I can find out what brings you to me. Based on this, we will determine the treatment goals and a rough outline of treatment together. I will also be happy to explain more about APM and energy work. Afterwards you will enjoy a meridian massage with the massage stick along the meridians. 

In further sessions, additional treatments are carried out according to the findings:

  • Spinal treatment

  • Treatment of scars

  • 5 elements therapy

  • Therapy of certain acupuncture points

  • Energy work / release of negative emotions 




In both, APM and energy work, mental work plays a big role. I practice yoga, meditate and keep my energy balanced with APM and energetics. I continously develop my knowledge and skills in these areas. Currently, I do trainings with Dr. Joe Dispenza.

I am also an NLP master (Neurolinguistic Programming) and like to incorporate my experience from this field into my work. 

My name is Lisa, I am certified APM therapist and very happy to get to know you. In 2018, I was in APM treatment myself and I am absolutely enthusiastic about it. That's why I have decided to support other people with this holistic treatment. Therefore, I have quit my job and taken the exam at the European Penzel Academy in Heyen in February 2021. 

I love to travel, preferably backpacking or road tripping with a camper and to get to know different people and cultures. I love swimming in the sea, climbing mountains and marveling at the wonderful nature. I am open to everything new, curious and grateful every day and happy to be a companion for a while.


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By appointment only. 
The APM is certified by the EMR. So please check with your insurance whether it takes over the costs.

Address: Ägeristrasse 9, 6300 Zug

Please contact me to make an appointment!

Thank you for your message. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to meeting you! Lisa

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My newsletter is not only for my APM clients, but rather for everyone who care about a healthy and conscious life. In my monthly newsletter you will find ideas about the following topics: 
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