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ACupunCtURE massage

Let me explain the APM to you:

Imagine a river with various inflows and outflows. When beavers build a dam, there will be a lot of water before the dam and not enough water behind it. Most likely the fields and meadows next to the river will be flooded or they will dry out respectively. In the same way you can imagine the energy flow in your body and understand possible consequences of blockages.

According to Willy Penzel (1918-1985), the founder of the APM, any disease is a disturbance in the energy flow. The APM is a holistic meridian therapy that has its origin in the Traditional Chinese Medicine. Meridians are the lines in your body in which your energy (Qi) flows. Unlike the acupuncture with needles, the APM treats the entire meridian with a massage stick and not only certain points. In addition to that, it is certainly possible to treat targeted points as well. Often, blocked sacroiliac joints or scars cause physical problems. That's why these blockages are treated as well. 

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Schmerzen, Migräne, Kopfschmerzen, Rückenschmerzen lösen
Immunsystem stärken
Stress lösen

Acute or chronic pain conditions, migraine or muscular tension

Allergies,  strengthen the immun system

From stress or anxiety to more balance and a better sleep

Glückliche Kinder
Schwangerschaftsbegleitung und Geburtsvorbereitung, Rückbildung

Children: sleep, concentration, balance, self confidence

Pregnancy and preparation for birth,

recover from giving birth

Unfulfilled wish to have a child

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